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OSUS is one of leading institutions in Information Systems Programming that was founded in 1992 in Jeddah under name of 'Zahret Zohal' that was changed to be OSUS, starting its activity in programming and devices.

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In 1993, it focused on establishing and developing some programs specially accounting software. On 31/1/1993 first project for OSUS was produced which is inventory and accounting software (DOS).


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Development methodologies in Osus depend on developed Software and effective implementation of it accurately in the field of information system and create solutions to what faces employers in all kinds of their commercial activities.


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Our customers are measures of our success because we consider them our business partners, working hard to strength the bonds of common interests between us and we obligate to provide the highest levels of support to get by their works to the desired level. Hereinafter, this is a list of some of Osus customers who give their confidence as a simple of variable activities that use Osus products: